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Via.Us.Com (comprising Hotels.via.us.com and Flights.via.us.com) was created and is owned by Andy Wrigley of TravelChimps.Com

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Andy has worked in IT for nearly 30 years; the travel research tools he produced for this site have been tweeted by the Foreign Office and showcased by data.gov.uk. Andy loves independent travel, taking a career break in 2005/2006 for a year of travel, he has also spent time in Hungary studying the CELTA Teaching English as a Foreign Language qualification. He is a regular contributor to travel forums and article sites.


We chose the hotel comparison engine because we believe it is the best on the net, both because of the range and importance of the companies searched, and the flexibility it offers in narrowing down your search. Depending on the hotel and what the searched merchants have negotiated you may see a huge difference in price maybe 40%-50% (on other occasions there may be little or no difference).

Best of all there is no charge for using the search (there is no bumping up of prices), neither this site, nor the merchants whose sites you click through to, add any charge. We can provide this service because we earn a small commission by the company you select.

We would have been proud to say the search technology for this site was is our own, however we have licensed it from another company on the basis of sharing the commission. The companies search engine has received numerous recommendations from the travel media e.g. last month (LA Times). Other companies have also started to use this search engine as their Hotel "booking" facility including at least one major well known travel site (however, unlike this site you cannot view maps from their search listings!!!).


We chose to incorporate dohops flight comparison engine because we think it is the best. We believe it includes more low-cost or budget airlines (even those that don't pay commission) in its search listings than any other comparison site. We also think it is best for identifying connecting flights for long haul destinations. The companies comparison engine has received considerable praise in the press. Amongst others, the company has been recommended by Timesonline, and CNN (under the heading "The following five sites have proven the most consistently useful for the editors of Budget Travel, who do thousands of searches a year.").

Our sister site provides brief comments on many alternative flight search engines.

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If you need more flexibility on dates we suggest Skyscanner, it does not offer the range of budget airlines listed by this site, but is great for flexibility, and possibly searches more non-airline booking sites.

Flights.Via.Us.Com: We believe all flight agregators (price comparison sites) should highlight this important advice about flight connections:

Most journeys with connecting flights will be on one ticket; and our site should identify cases where you have to make more than one booking. However, if you feel it is important to have only one ticket, when you click through to the operators site e.g. Opodo or BA you should ensure for yourself that the journey involves only one booking. Note: There is no legal requirement for an airline to refund your wasted ticket or find you an alternative flight, if a delay on their flight causes you to miss a connecting flight on another ticket.

You should always ensure that the transit time at the connection airport will be long enough. You must ensure there will be enough time to; get off the plane, pick up your luggage and check in with your next airline. Note this (and other) sites may sometimes find flight connections that work in theory but are impossible in reality. Arriving flights can be delayed and departing flights can depart before scheduled take-off. International flights close check-in gates earlier than local flights. Security measures, strikes and congestion can affect your transit time.

We think our search engine is the best at clearly identifying how much "wait" time is available between connections.

What we do/don't do:

We do not sell flights, hotels, or provide reservation/booking services, we are not a travel agent, we are purely a search engine, so you can be confident that we provide unbiased results from over 600 airlines and 30+ partner merchants and hotel chains.

Because we are a search engine, you cannot make a booking on our website. Once you identify the best priced provider or best deal for you, we link you through to our partner sites to complete your reservation directly on their website.

This means you do not have to provide us with any personal details, and can have confidence that your booking is made directly with the partner you selected. Please note: any queries you have regarding reservations, amendments, cancellations or hotel specific information must be made through the partner you made your booking with. Just like Google, once you've clicked on a link you are no longer on our site, so we have no information, record of, or involvement in your booking transaction.

Last updated: 30 May 2011